Our mission is to lead middle school students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our strategy is to create environments where middle school students can . . .

  • Prioritize their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Influence their friends.
  • Experience personal ministry.


Our win is when middle school students discover a faith of their own that will prepare them for a lifetime of ministry and influence.


Each small group leader (SGL) plays a key role in shaping the spiritual and social bonds that connect small group students. Ideally, two adult SGLs and a high school student leader connect with 15–18 students per group to build trusted relationships and celebrate spiritual growth. These friendships extend beyond Sunday mornings! Through Transit-sponsored events, independent group outings, and regular communication (calls, texts, and emails), small group leaders and students form an intimate community where trust is central. The small group experience is the cornerstone of Middle School ministry!


Have you ever walked into an environment where you didn’t know anyone and felt eager but just a little lost? Host Team members are excited and challenged to make every first impression of Transit a welcoming one! They greet each new student and family, guiding them through registration and easing the student into the thrill of large group worship. A Host Team member will also help to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and leaders by monitoring behavior during large group.


Come visit us at Transit and check out our ministry! You are welcome to experience our dynamic large group worship environments during the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. services. Just check in at the Transit Welcome Desk to let us know you’re attending.

Transit staff members are eager to talk with you further to help identify when and where your influence can be maximized!

Take some time to fill out the application.

We will contact you within a week after you submit your application. Thank you for wanting to contribute to young lives in Transit!

To further explore how you can get involved, please email us at the link corresponding to your campus.

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