The Truth Is

Week Four Preview: With God’s help, you can do this.

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Week Three Preview:

Guys: It is time to grow up. (small group guide here)

Gals: Your self-worth should be based on what God thinks of you. (small group guide here)

Hey Parents,

I hope the series has been helpful so far and that you have had some meaningful conversations.

This week the guys and ladies are going to split up and talk about separate topics.  You can click on those above.

We want to take a moment to address technology as it often comes up in this conversation.

Parents have been asking for an easy way to monitor the technology for years now and we’ve never been able to come up with a good answer.  The reason is there isn’t a good answer.  The truth is, internet access changes faster than the monitoring programmers can keep up.  Now, not only do you have to keep up with machines with internet access like computers, xboxes, Ipads, smart phones, etc.  You now have to keep up with individual apps within a phone or ipod.

The best answer for the parent to be up to date with what the kids are doing is to become of student of the technology for this season so you can be aware of the options and challenges your student is going to face.  Many times, that means you are going to have to take part in something that seems very foreign to you.

You should be involved in Facebook.  If for no other reason than to understand Social Media and how it effects your kids, you should be involved in Facebook.  This is the bare minimum. Here is a recent article about social media and teens to get you started.

We’ve also included a link to a device that may be helpful to you.  It is a wireless router that allows you to control different devices and filter them at the source of the internet in your home, the wireless.  This will not control phones as they can get the web through other means but, it will allow you to route all your wi-fi devices through one point.  Again, it is not a great solution but it is one of the best we’ve seen.

I hope this helps as you move through these conversations. Thanks for trusting us with your kids.

The Transit Team


Week Two Preview:

Sex is powerful – and powerful can be helpful or hurtful.

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For some great resources on this subject head here.


Week One Preview: Sex is good because God made it that way.

Check out the small group discussion guide here.

For some great resources on this subject head here.


the truth is: series overview

Hi Parents!

Well, it’s that time, again! This Sunday, we will be wading into the annual briar patch with a series called “The Truth Is.” We know, by feedback from our Small Group Leaders, that the topic of… should we whisper it… SEX… is on our students’ minds and, rather than pretend it doesn’t exist, we’re tackling it head on from a biblical perspective!  The resources mentioned in the video above can be found here.

Here are a few things you may want to know:

1. When does this series begin?

The video series will run March 3, 10, 17, & 24.

2. Who will be included in these conversations?

All middle school students, grades 6-8, will hear the talks during Large Group on Sunday mornings and small group discussions follow. We’ve created the content so that it will meet each student where they are and small group leaders can guide the conversation to an appropriate level for students’ maturity.

3. How will the content be presented?

Previously recorded video talks will be shown during Large Group. Male and female students will hear messages separately March 17.

4. Can I see the video talks before I decide whether my student should attend?

Yes, absolutely! The talks will be posted each week before they are shown in Large Group and we will email you a link so that you can preview them online. They will not be posted sooner than that, since they are currently in production. Please watch for our email each week or visit

5. What will the Small Group discussions include?

Each week we will also share the questions that will be provided to Small Group Leaders. Our hope is that you will use the discussions we are having at church as a natural catalyst for additional healthy conversations at home

*     *     *

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