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Current Series

current series

Do you know the most effective way to get someone to see a new movie? You might be surprised to know it’s not a great trailer, A-list actors, or a list of award nominations. Movie executives know the best way to get someone to see a new movie is word of mouth! When a group of friends starts talking about the funny one-liners and unbelievable plot twists that you just have to see to understand, that movie becomes enticing. In the same way, the best way to get someone to try church for the first time is to hear how great it is from a trusted friend. Over the next few weeks in Transit, we’ll discuss the challenges of sharing our faith and lead up to an “invest-and-invite” Sunday . . . with another Saturday Double Dog Dare-a-thon! And, Just Like the Movies, students will discover inviting someone to check out Transit is well worth it!

Week 1 Bottom Line:

People will notice the hope you have.

Week 2 Bottom Line:

God gives you friendships, not just for you, but for your friends too.

Week 3 Bottom Line:

God has given you all you need to be the friend your friend needs.