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Current Series

current series

Shouting matches, stomping out of a room, insults under their breath, and even a few curse words will become more commonplace in the homes of our students over the next few years. What happened to the sweet children that used to hug their parents as soon as they walked in the door? Meanwhile, students are also wondering why things have changed: Why are my parents so annoying all of a sudden? Why do they ask so many questions? Why don’t they trust me?

The truth is, this challenging time is a natural part of growing up. It may seem like the days they used to like their parents and siblings are long gone; yet it can and will be good again. It will be different, but still good. This sometimes-ugly phase is an important part of students growing into their “Family Tree.”

Week 1 Bottom Line:

My family is not “normal” and that is normal.

Week 2 Bottom Line:

As trust grows, freedom grows.

Week 3 Bottom Line:

Look at myself before I blame someone else.