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Current Series

current series

As Christmas gets closer, we’re seeing the familiar decorations go up, smelling the nostalgic scent of Christmas trees, and returning our minds to the well-known story of Christmas. This season is designed to help us celebrate Jesus’ birth. But how many of us really understand what that means? What was special about this baby? How was Jesus connected to God the Father? Is there any bit of God still around today? In short, we want to talk about God’s nature by describing the three persons in the Trinity. Each week, we are pointing out what each member of the Trinity knows and the role they play in the Christmas story and in our lives. It’s not your average nativity story; much more happened outside of that oh-so-famous silent night, and we’ll share all we know as we are “Unpacking Christmas.”

Week 1 Bottom Line:

God the Father knows all.

Week 2 Bottom Line:

Jesus knows what it is to be God and what it is to be human.

Week 3 Bottom Line:

The Holy Spirit helps us know what God is revealing.