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Current Series

current series

I have often felt envious of the men and women in the Old Testament who heard God’s voice and knew what they were supposed to do with their lives. It sounds so real, clear, and concrete. I often feel frustrated that all we have is old books and letters written thousands of years ago that seem to give only vague guidelines for what I should do next. Perhaps my envy is misplaced. Abraham may be envious of us. He only heard God’s voice a couple of times and had to go years without hearing anything. We get thousands of pages of text filled with God’s Word. We can carry it with us anywhere we go. It contains story after story of God’s faithfulness to his people. It catalogues Jesus’ actual words and recounts his sacrifice on our behalf. The Bible is not just a collection of old text; it is so much more.

Week 1 Bottom Line:

Scripture reveals what God has done, is doing, and will do.

Week 2 Bottom Line:

Scripture gives us God’s line of vision to make better life decisions.

Note: Not all of our churches will be doing this series at the same time. Buckhead and North Point just finished this series and will begin “Cracking Under Pressure” on Oct. 15.