Gwinnett Church

Boot Camp – Gwinnett Church

August 18–20

Covington, Georgia

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Limit baggage to one suitcase, one carry on, and one sleeping bag

What to Bring:

  • Mud clothes and a pair of closed-toed tennis shoes (these clothes will get dirty)
  • Bathing suit (girls: one-piece suits only)
  • Beach towel and bath towel
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag (or sheets for a single bunk bed)
  • Toiletries (Deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Garbage bag for wet/dirty clothes
  • Bible, notebook, and pen
  • Money for snack bar

What Not to Bring:

  • iPads, MP3 players, or other electronics (cameras are ok)
  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products
  • Handheld computer games
  • Prank supplies
  • Halter, strapless, backless, spaghetti strap, one-shoulder tops, or anything that exposes your stomach


  • Respect other people's property
  • No swimming in the lake
  • Respect other people
  • Respect your leader and all other adults
  • Always travel in groups of three or more
  • Always let your leader know where you are
  • Stay on the property
  • Always be on time
  • Obey curfew
  • No boys in girls' rooms and vice versa
  • No public displays of affection
  • No roughhousing (you break it, you pay it)
  • No pranks

Cell Phone Policy:

  • In order to limit distractions, cell phones will be collected by small group leaders.
  • Students will have brief, supervised access throughout the weekend.
  • You can always reach your child through the emergency number or his/her small group leader.


5:15    Leader meeting

6:30    Student Check-in at Gwinnett Church

7:00    Depart for camp

8:30    Arrive at camp

9:30    Session 1

God can work in you and through you.

10:30  Small group

11:00  Lights out


8:30   Breakfast

9:30   Quiet Time

10:00 Session 2

Community with insiders is vital.

11:30  Small group time

12:00  Lunch

1:30    Company competitions

3:30   Free time

6:00   Dinner

8:00   Session 3

You must prioritize your relationship with Christ.

9:30    Small group time

10:30  Late night worship

11:00   Lights out


8:30    Breakfast

9:30    Quiet Time

10:00  Session 4

Having influence with outsiders is vital.

11:30    Depart for Gwinnett Church

1:00      Arrive at Gwinnett Church

Register by July 24 for a $20 discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we do not know the exact ratios until after registration closes, we like to have one leader for every eight students.
Someone on staff will call the phone number you provided us when you registered your student.
Please indicate this in your student’s registration.
Many factors play into this decision, and parents are often surprised to learn that our events do not pay for themselves. There is a portion of our yearly Transit budget that supplements the event cost. Some cost factors include: facility rental, transportation, camp production, medical professionals, security, lifeguards, and much more. Also, since we ask so much of our small group leaders, we use the cost of registration to cover their expenses for attending. So, when you pay for your student to attend one of our events, a portion of that money is used to cover the cost of his or her small group leader.
We are excited to say that we have added the medical insurance and information to the registration page. No additional forms are needed.