Buckhead Church

Middle schoolers from across the city gather together for Walking Wisely Weekend  During this in-town retreat, students stay in local homes with their small groups and also gather together on campus for two mind-blowing sessions!

What to Bring

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Change of clothes for Saturday and Sunday
  • Clothes for Rec time (check with your small group leader for activity details)
  • Bathroom items (toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)
  • Bath towel
  • Tennis shoes
  • Bible, notebook, pen

What Not to Bring

  • Videos or DVDs
  • Stereos, CD players, iPods, or handheld computer games
  • Magazines
  • Anything used for pranks
  • Tobacco or alcohol products
  • Drugs (please write prescription drugs on medical release form at check-in)

Cell Phone Policy:

  • In order to limit distractions, cell phones will be collected by small group leaders.
  • You can always reach your child through the emergency number or his/her small group leader.

5:00pm Leader/volunteer check-in and meeting
6:00pm Student check-in
7:00pm Buses depart for North Point
8:00pm Session 1 at North Point

1:00pm Free-time activities
6:30pm Session 2 at North Point

9:30–10:30am Student pick-up at host home

Registration open through 2/12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we do not know the exact ratios until after registration closes, we like to have one leader for every eight students.
Someone on staff will call the phone number you provided us when you registered your student.
Yes. We will have an EMT present during the main sessions. If your student is on medication, there will be a table at check-in for you to leave the medication with the small group leader, who will dispense it throughout the weekend.
Your student’s group will be assigned a host home by the church before Walking Wisely. At that point, the small group leader should contact you with the necessary information.
The emergency contact information will be given to you at check-in on Friday night. You may also contact your student’s small group leader if needed.
Please indicate this in your student’s registration.
First, make sure the small group leader is aware of your plans. There will be a Time Away table at check-in on Friday night. You will need to fill out a form then.
No. The cost of registration includes all food and the group activity (with the exception of paintball).
The main sessions will be streamed live on our website. During W3, there will be a link on our homepage that will take you to the stream.
We are excited to say that we have added the medical insurance and information to the registration page. No additional forms are needed.
If you sign up for W3 by December 11, you’ll receive a Buy One, Get One event registration. All you have to do is register your student like you normally would. In your confirmation email, you’ll see steps that explain how to nominate another student (who doesn't attend Transit) for the free W3 registration. If that student isn’t currently on a small group roster, we’ll email his/her parent a registration link for $0.00. The purpose of this promotion is to create a conversation between you and your student about which of their friends they would like to introduce to Transit. That’s it—no strings attached, no hidden fees, no telemarketers . . . just partnering with your students to get their friends excited about coming to church.