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Throughout middle school, the gap between parents and students may appear to get wider and wider. However, we know that parents remain the most important people in students’ lives. We believe that each student in Transit needs three key experiences with a parent or parents during their middle school years. We call these experiences “Mile Markers.”

mile marker six

Mile Marker Six

During the 6th-grade year, take some time to share your story and help your student begin to craft his or her own life story.

mile marker seven

Mile Marker Seven

Middle school is a great time for students to be introduced to new cultures and to meet people with needs different from their own. Parents should have front-row seats for these experiences.

mile marker eight

Mile Marker Eight

Middle school has been a great journey. Let's celebrate this chapter with a special time of support and encouragement.

Events Overview


6th Grade Camp: 

6th Grade Camp is our annual event to induct new sixth graders into middle school.

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Frequency is our annual seventh and eighth grade camp, focusing on students’ personal relationship with God.

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Walking Wisely Weekend:

Walking Wisely is an in-town retreat for all middle school grades where students stay in host homes.

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Be Rich:

Students participate in our annual church-wide giving and serving campaign called Be Rich. 

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Double Dog

Double Dog Dare-a-Thon is a fun night of dares that makes it easy for students to invite their friends to Transit.

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Transit Service Line: June

Transit Service Line mission trips are for rising 8th graders and their parents.

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Your students live in a world where they will have to deal with the good and the bad that technology offers. It’s a different world than we grew up in and one that we’re still learning to navigate as adults. Andy Stanley sat down and gave us advice on how best to prepare our students for the challenges that come along with technology and cell phones.

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Additional Recommendations
Transit recommends Circle. It’s the simplest and most flexible technology monitoring product we’ve found that covers most devices and allows us to pick the right options for different ages and stages. Circle monitors all of these devices by “coupling” with your wireless router. Though this doesn’t cover cellular devices, it’s a good start for the family.



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