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6th Grade

Was “the talk” a good childhood experience for anyone? Most likely, it was too awkward, too detailed, not detailed enough . . . or it didn’t happen at all. The truth is that we don’t need a “talk” about guys and girls and the new emotions and feelings that are going on inside. No, we need a conversation. We need a group where we can ask questions, where we can hear what other people are going through. So, for the next four weeks, we won’t be having a “talk”; instead, we’ll be having a dialogue.


Week One


Bottom Line: Sex is good, but it’s also dangerous.


Week Two

Bottom Line: Healthy friendships lead to healthy relationships.


Week Three (Boys)


Bottom Line: You have more access; it’s time to have more accountability.


Week Three (Girls)


Bottom Line: Respect yourself and do not neglect your morals for others.