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Flip The Script

Opportunities to get back at the person who was rude, to gossip about a friend, or to go along with the crowd may seem like minor things, but for middle school students, these types of decisions are true tests of who they are and what they stand for. Through a brief study of four people in the Bible, we will explore what it looks like to have the courage to stand up for someone in need, to speak up when you disagree, and to sacrifice what you have for someone else. Our students will see what life looks like when they risk social status in order to do the right thing. In the end, the tough situations in life aren’t always about right or wrong, but opportunities to Flip the Script.

Week 1 Bottom Line: Having the right doesn’t mean it’s right.

Week 2 Bottom Line: God uses your circumstances to impact someone else’s circumstances.

Week 3 Bottom Line: When you see it, meet it.

Week 4 Bottom Line: Who you are can affect who they are.