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Come With Us

Have you ever been nervous when walking up to the door of a new friend’s house or going into a new school on your first day? We’ve all been there, and these nerves can easily spill over into our faith. In the parables of Luke 15, Jesus makes it very clear: When someone returns to God, God rejoices. He doesn’t ask where they’ve been. He doesn’t want to talk about their mistakes or the time that has passed since he’s seen them. No, God rejoices, and everyone with him rejoices as well. As we prepare for Double Dog Dare-A-Thon, we will challenge our students to invite their friends by talking about the parables of Jesus in our series Come With Us.

Week 1 Bottom Line: God throws a party when someone begins a relationship with him.

Week 2 Bottom Line: The risk is always worth the reward.

Week 3 Bottom Line: God accepts us all just the way we are.